September 30, 2005

Racism Again

Yesterday was interesting, no?

First, 'K' is not a regular at my place. When you claim to be a regular you need to be aware of the meters we have on our sites. I have the paid version of Stat Counter and can research your visits. 'K' came to my place yesterday from Tom's place and left a little something behind for me. So trolls, don't bother lying.

Second a few items I would like to add:

Ken did a piece earlier in the week about New York Yankee's Derek Jeter. Jeter is biracial and recently came under attack by someone in the black community for dating white women. I liked Ken's take on the subject and it's a must read.

Next, my friend Maggie e-mailed me an article from the Washington Times about repopulating the city of New Orleans.

In the storm's aftermath, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, charged that relocating evacuees across the country was "racist" and designed to move black people, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic, out of Louisiana. The state elected its first Republican senator, David Vitter, in nearly a century in 2004.

A piece that Jo posted today contains links that only back up my current feelings regarding the state of black America.

In yesterday's comments Valerie left a valuable tidbit for us. She is the mother of a biracial child and spoke of the challenges they faced while adopting this child and their experiences since then.

I am one of those people who put their money where their mouth is. If I believe in something, I do something about it to promote it. I, too, believe in equality for all, and detest racism and prejudice. So, when the opportunity came for my husband and I to adopt a biracial infant, we decided to do so because she needed a home, and we honestly feel that it was God's will. We knew there would be times when problems would arise, but we were ready to take on the challenge.

I lost a friendship as a result of this decision. She was a wonderful friend who happened to be black. She didn't think it was "appropriate" for us to adopt a biracial baby because she felt we couldn't provide our daughter with the "culture" she needed. I asked my friend if she'd be willing to help me with that - and her response was to terminate the friendship. So, rather than be supportive and teach me things about the Black culture, and rather than ACCEPT the fact that my daughter was also half Caucasian who also needed exposure to her other culture, this woman spoke volumes about HER prejudice towards me and my culture by cutting all ties. Also, if by chance this adoption had been through an agency, there would have been no way we would have been allowed to adopt a biracial child because there is an "understanding" among those professionals (black and white) that white people can't properly raise a biracial or black child. HMMM - doesn't that sound a bit preducial???

My daughter was never taught to interpret events which have happened to her as prejudice. I never wanted to put that poison in her mind - i.e. that other people were judging her on the color of her skin. I believe if you interpret everything that happens to you as a direct result of racism or prejudice, then you will ALWAYS HAVE THE VICTIM-MENTALITY MINDSET. That kind of framework will get you NOWHERE. It erodes a person's view of the their society, and causes deep divisions within their society. Over the past couple of years, when there was obvious racial overtones to the treatment my daughter was receiving at her school, we have had several discussions about this very topic. I explained to her that some racism is based on ignorance, some is based on fear, and finally, some is based on hate. She will have to decide her response when faced with racism based on what the other person is motivated by. But, she CANNOT assume that the other person is racist because of the color of their skin, because that is totallly unfair and prejudicial.

One of the people I admire the most is Condi Rice. I have raised her up to be a true role model for BOTH of my daughters. But, you will notice how a lot of members of the black community talk about Condi. Not in admiration and awe for her brains, talents, faith, or beauty. But in derision because she just so happens to work for a president who has placed women and minorities in positions of power more frequently than ANY other president before him.

Obviously, this is a subject which stirs me up, just like it has you. I have mentioned this topic on my blog frequently - and I have started a series named "Racism Still Exists" wherein I will describe what has happened to my younger daughter. I thank you for your honesty and courage to tackle this subject as well. I noticed that the person above "K" was not brave enough to leave information as to where she can be contacted - so I seriously doubt that she is indeed "real". Rather, she attacked you personally without knowing where you are coming from on this topic.

Last, my contribution:

Now that Roberts has been confirmed as Chief Justice it's time to look at who will be replacing O'Conner. I personally have been crossing my fingers since this all began in hopes that Janice Rogers Brown will be placed on the SCOTUS. Ms. Brown is the epitome of the American dream. Born to an African-American sharecropper in Alabama, she clawed her way out of poverty to receive an education and currently sits on the Supreme Court of California. She is a woman who should be exalted in the African-American community but is instead ridiculed. In searching for information on her I ran into far more sites claiming that she is a HOUSE SLAVE rather than a heroine. Tell me, who is the racist in this situation?

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Judas Priest, can ANYTHING be done to satisfy the Reverend Jackson?

Posted by: Admin Worm at September 30, 2005 03:46 PM

Stacy - thanks for the trackback and the linky love. :-)

Posted by: Merri at October 1, 2005 12:41 AM

Sorry Stacy, It aint gonna happen. Expect a second stealth appointment like Roberts.

Posted by: bigwhitehat at October 1, 2005 01:27 AM

This comment was sent to me via e-mail, darn MuNu. Her name is Jackie and she had a contribution to make.

Hi, I was referred hear from "I am my kids mom" and I was referred there from "HeyJules at Faith or Fiction". lol, long way around, but I got hear anyway.

I just wanted to say that I think a large problem with the Black community is a CLASS issue NOT a race issue. The Black community (for a large part, not all of them) are usually living in LOWER CLASS neighbourhoods, and therefore have access to bad run down schools, hospitals, and other vitial aid that most Middle to Upper Class people take for granted. Living in a lower class neighbourhood with less education and health care and assistance (by assistance, I don't just mean monitary, I mean places like Planned parenthood, job counclelling, debit planning, ect). This TOOLS help people to become productive and fruitfull members of our society, and without them, racism, and other negitive behaviours are fostered.

If there was a way for us, living in the 21st Century to elimante the CLASS SYSTEM then I believe that in large part, a lot of racism would also vanish (it would take time, but it would leave).

Education is KEY, if you teach someone how to learn, they will strive for knowledge their entire lives.

Thanks for bring up this topic and allowing me to share my views and ideas.

Posted by: Stacy at October 3, 2005 01:03 PM